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We have a beautiful range of spa products just for you.

Li'tya - Skincare from the Australian Dreamtime

Mindful to only what is needed, LI’TYA meticulously calculates and co-ordinates which plant parts to use within specific products, at certain times, to maximise the fruits of each harvest with minimal waste. LI’TYA recognises that preservation will ensure future generations can also benefit from these unique resources and it is due to this and their respect for the Indigenous bush lands that LI'TYA is restricted to using plants that are already commercially available. As they continue to research and work with local organic farmers the LI'TYA product family will also continue to evolve.

For more than 40,000 years, the Indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia have held the world’s oldest continuous living tradition of sacred knowledge, known as the Dreamtime. It is from this Dreamtime, that all aspects of Aboriginal life, context and meaning is derived, including an innate wisdom of the relationship between humankind and nature’s precious resources, and a unique view of the workings of the physical world and its spiritual dimensions.

There is much we can learn, receive, be thankful for and give back, to these beautiful people so deeply connected to the essence and energy locked within our great southern land.

LI’TYA has recently partnered with the Yothu Yindi Foundation (YYF) to support one of their most recent initiatives. Dilthan Yolngunha: The Healing Place, is a groundbreaking community respite and rehabilitation service at Gulkula, near Nhulunbuy in North East Arnhem Land. It was set up in May 2007 under a trial sponsored by YYF and has proven extremely beneficial to all involved.

"We feel compassionate in our beliefs and together with the advice of Aboriginal elders, set about giving back to the communities, as integral extension of our entire operation, to return a portion of our income to the Aboriginal people". Gayle Heron

Bells at Killcare also share the same passion on giving back to the Aboriginal communities of Australia, our own local communities, of which we play a major role with fundraising & charity groups and also our world as a whole, which is why we choose to sponsor several children on a monthly basis from the World Vision organization.

Aspect - a skincare revolution

A modern and superior skincare range for all ages. Aspect is an Australian made and owned condition specific cosmeceutical range.

Aspect contains chirally corrected active ingredients in the highest concentrations and is sourced from the world's most advanced pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies and uses where possible certified organic ingredients free of pesticides, parabens, perfumes and dyes. In-clinic performance evaluation of each formula has been carried out to ensure efficacy. Aspect contains a complete home care and chemical peel component. The Aspect range has been developed for men and women who want an effective skin care regime.

The comprehensive Aspect range is:

  • Formulated with the highest concentrations of pure naturally-derived botanicals and high octane cosmeceutical correctives.
  • Formulated with certified organic non-genetically modified ingredients wherever possible.
  • Chirally correct and optically pure activesfor maximum clinical results without unnecessary irritation or trauma.
  • Free of propylene glycol.
  • Free of mineral oils and other petrochemicals.      
  • Free of parabens and other harsh preservative systems.
  • Free of artificial fragrances.
  • Free of animal derived ingredients.
  • Never tested on animals only people

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